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Our Team

  • Michael Malagari
    President and Chairman
  • Elliot Weintrob
  • Charles S. Coulter
    Secretary and Treasurer
  • John K. Robb
  • Joe Smith

VOPAWEB: Our Purpose

  • The purpose of Virginia Orthotic & Prosthetic Association is to:         

    encourage participation among as many of our colleagues as possible

    ensure that our practitioners and technicians are fully capable and trained in the latest O&P technology

    provide an environment for professional interaction and sharing of knowledge

    promote the professionalism of our industry

    patients receive the highest levels of care with the greatest compassion

    conduct our relationships with our patients in a  professional and confidential manner

    create public awareness of insurance laws and other legislation that might impact our profession, our patients, their employers, and Virginia as a society
2018 Vopa Convention

Association Description

We are dedicated to the association of certified Orthotic and Prosthetic Firms, Practitioners and Technicians. These members provide exceptional care in the orthotic and prosthetic services in the state of Virginia.

Join Us

We encourage every Virginia O&P provider to be a member of V.O.P.A. Only by joining together can we form a cohesive, unified voice with a defined agenda that can promote professionalism and protect our patients.

Download our Current Member Applications Here:

VOPA - Company Application for Membership