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Amputee Coalition of America-  largest single source of advocacy and information for amputees. The ACA’s resources include general amputee information including research, books, publications and a monthly magazine, parity and health insurance updates, peer training, an Advocacy Action Center,  the National Limb Loss  Information Center, and much more. The ACA also has info and activities aimed towards young amputees including an online magazine, a Limb Loss Education & Awareness Program, a summer camp and a parent support network. International Child Amputee Network- information and support for children with underdeveloped or absent limbs and their parents.


SPORTS & REHAB Eastern Golfers Association- devoted to the rehabilitation of amputee through golf. Disabled Sports USA – largest disabled athletes association in  world. American Water Ski Association- rehab and instruction for disabled skiers Challenged Athletes Foundation- financial assistance to disabled athletes, organizes and sponsors compeditive events International Paralympic Committee Wintergreen Adaptive Sports Program


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