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V.O.P.A. Holds 10th Anniversary Conference for 2018

Hyatt Reston Virginia

Hyatt Reston Virginia / Oct 18th - 20th 2018

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V.O.P.A. Holds 2nd Annual Meeting 2011

January 26, 2011

The Virginia Orthotic and Prosthetic Association held its second annual meeting of the association on January 26, 2011 at the Commonwealth Park Suites Hotel in Richmond Virginia. Virginia’s O&P provider industry was well represented with representatives from 9 Virginia O&P provider companies present. The day was very productive and a great deal was accomplished while working through a very diverse agenda.

One of the major topics reviewed was the recent prosthetic insurance parity mandated offer which was passed by the Virginia General Assembly during the 2009 session. As everyone is aware, the whole reason we first started the prosthetic parity campaign was to help amputee patients who were being unfairly targeted by health insurance companies with unrealistic limits and restrictions on their prosthetic benefits.

Many of the legislators we have spoken with since passage of the mandated offer said that based on the JLARC report, they had hoped that an offer would at the very least provide disclosure of a consumers actual benefits and encourage  insurance companies to provide adequate coverage at a reasonable price. There is some concern that not all health insurance companies are adhering to the intent of the mandate and that it may become necessary to revisit this with the General Assembly if the situation does not change.

Two of the biggest concerns surrounding the mandated offer are that the additional premiums being charged for prosthetics coverage by some companies far exceeds the anticipated costs projected by the JLARC commissions report and that the insurance companies are not making consumers aware of the mandated offer or of the fact that the policies they are considering have very limited prosthetics coverage or no coverage at all.

Scott Gregory, the association’s legislative consultant has prepared a reporting form that association members should provide to patients who are experiencing problems with their health insurance coverage related to the mandated offer. Once a patient completes the report, it should be returned to the association secretary who will at it to our data base and forward a copy to Mr. Gregory who in turn will present them to members of the General Assembly who have asked that we notify them of any problems. The reporting form can be downloaded from the V.O.P.A. web site.

Undoubtedly, the most exciting topic was the planning of an association convention in 2012. Everyone was in agreement that an education based, 2 day convention could be a great benefit to the membership. The consensus is that we will offer a variety of CEU courses for practitioners as well as technicians. This would provide an opportunity for practitioners and technicians to earn many of their required CEUs at one time and one location rather than having to travel outside the state.

We will be inviting selected manufacturers to conduct the courses as well as display the latest products and technology that they offer. This will be a “win/win” situation for all concerned. A location has not yet been selected but Northern Virginia would provide both the potential for drawing participants from Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware, etc. as well as a great many attractions for families to visit while spouses are attending classes.

Some of the other topics discussed were State Licensure, the PECOS registry, practitioner and technician membership and an association buyer’s group. Everyone who attended agreed that our first year had been a great success and that the camaraderie provided through our association will benefit our patients as well as encourage professionalism in our industry and improve our businesses in a trying economy.


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